Lecture in English

for parents-to-be as well as parents of babies and toddlers

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Zum Erste Hilfe Vortrag in deutscher Sprache kommen Sie hier!


Many possible accident and emergency scenarios will be discussed in this lecture:

  • What do I watch out for so that nothing happens?
  • How do I make my surroundings (age-appropriate) child-safe?
  • What do I need in my home and backpack pharmacy?
  • How do I differentiate a possibly unpleasant but (from a medical point of view) actually harmless accident from an emergency? Because when something really life-threatening has happened, the first few minutes, the time you have to wait for help to arrive anyway, are often decisive for children (keyword: resuscitation).

Please bring your own changing mat, your own blanket and your own toys for the babies!

A small reminder (in German!) about the most important first aid measures of the lecture can be found here.