Lucia Grejtakova is a young artist from Slovakia and herself the mother of a young son. Her exhibiting at Nanaya consists of drawings and paintings recent years.

Lucia has lived her creativity with pen and brush since early childhood - and one of her earliest inspirations is the drawing of the fairy Amálka from the wonderful Slovak children's book "Maťko and Kubko". Years later, she returns to expressive illustrations for children, not least by reading stories to her own son. And so your drawings become more than just illustrations: it will be a romantic journey back to the colorful and sincere world of childhood.

The magical mixture of one's own person and fiction is entirely in the tradition of her great role model Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. He let his character “The Little Prince” speak to himself: “Please ... draw me a lamb ...” And similarly, Lucia draws her inspiration from her own childhood; paints memories of this time and thus develops the characters for Your storiesAll illustrations exhibited can be purchased. Prices:
Illustration approx. 50.00 (including frame)

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